Springdale (AR) to Providence (RI)


Please note: I have now updated the Honolulu-to-Merced diary entry.

Decided last night to try to make up some time and get to friends/relatives in Providence, Rhode Island. The weather forecast was for some thundery showers along the way, but even more so on the day after, so decided to cut out the New York stop and contact friends there from Providence. I can always hire a car and go to NY if necessary.

At Springdale airport in the morning, met a few interested and interesting people, including the fuel handler (Charlie?) and two other pilots who were checking out a corporate executive jet (a Falcon, I think). One of the pilots had been round the world many time in the comfort of an executive jet, but was nevertheless impressed by the Mooney (Romeo Tango) and its range and economy

The flight was generally smooth, but with some cloud and showers along the way. Decided to fly at 9,ooo feet in order to see a bit more but this turned out to be generally above the cloud.

Flew across several states, and was handled by many different controllers, the last ones being Washington, New York and Boston Centres. I was slightly re-routed around the New York area, before making a visual approach into TF Green Airport in Providence.

Had a good tailwind for much of the way which made the journey time shorter. I will be here for a few days with friends/relatives, and am also waiting on the latest maps/charts for eastern Canada and the Atlantic.

In all, 1223 nautical miles in 7 hours 30 minutes.