A Week in Perth


We had arrived in Perth on 02 June, the day that had been planned right from the start, so that felt like a good achievement. It was good to know that we could now relax for a few days with my friend Tom and his family, and the service on the plane could now go ahead at the same time.

Tom showed us the sights of Perth and it certainly is a beautiful city with some stunning vistas and stunning scenery. We enjoyed travelling around and dining out, and met many of Tom and Anne’s friends including his brother Leslie and his wife Linda, and also Tom and Anne’s daughter Fiona with husband Paul and their children. I had last met them in London a few years earlier and it was good to meet up again. Didn’t manage to meet up with son Rob who was working out of town that week.

Tom also took Steve and I down to the Margaret River district south of Perth, where there is a large wine-producing industry and we had a few wine-tasting tours of the area. Tom and Anne have a country house in the area and we stayed there for a couple of nights. Saw our first kangaroos here, a bunch of about 50 or so. The house is in the wilds and the night skies were crystal clear with amazing views of the stars that we just don’t get in the UK because of light pollution and weather. Also met many other people in the area, including Lesley (working in real estate) and Bob, who laid on an excellent barbecue for us one night.

I had a problem with a swollen left forearm, possibly due to an insect bite or suchlike and ended up with a visit to the doc and a course of antibiotics.

Back in Perth, met up with another Mooney owner Brian, whose contact details had been given to us in the air as we flew from Darwin to Broome. Brian is closely associated with the Mooney Owners Club in Australia and had circulated the details of our flight to other owners. Also had a meeting with Claude Meunier, one of the people who had started up the Earthrounders group. I had first met Claude when I went to an Earthrounders meeting in Mexico City in late 2005, and that is where I made many friends and received good advice to assist me with my own plans. Claude is well-known in aviation circles and it was a real pleasure to meet up again.

It was a busy week, but nevertheless it enabled us to catch up a bit with emails etc but I am still behind with updating the website. The service on the Mooney was completed and it was time to start thinking about the next few flying legs across Australia.