In Broome


Spent the day relaxing in Broome. It is a very popular town for tourists, and when we arrived yesterday the air traffic was very busy, with lots of small planes plus jet traffic arriving from other towns such as Perth. This had given us a chance to become more familiar with the local use of radio....

The temperature in Broome was not uncomfortable, around 30 degrees with relatively low humidity, but of course this is the winter season and that is why tourists come here at this time of year. We walked around, looking at the local shops, where pearls were very evident. Broome had been built up on the back of the pearling industry and this is still a strong feature. Some shops were closed and this made decisions on spending easier...!

It was a good idea to spend two nights here, and there was no particular reason why I had included Port Hedland in the itinerary, therefore we could miss it out and go straight to Carnarvon in the morning.