Prescott (AZ) to Chandler (AZ)


Spent two nights in Prescott. The engineers at Arizona Aircraftsman found that the shaft on my vacuum pump had sheared, hence my loss of vacuum on the flight from Merced. A new pump was fitted and the system now seems OK. The airport is a little way out of town, but Bob, one of the staff at Arizona Aircraftsman, and a Mooney pilot himself, gave me a ride into the hotel in the evening and collected me from there in the morning.

I also had a more minor problem in that the Avionics Master switch is not shutting down my radios, navigation equipment, etc. I can live with this by shutting down units individually but I like to keep Romeo Tango in top shape. There is a Mooney Service Center in Chandler, just south east of Phoenix (about a hundred miles from Prescott) so I headed off down there this morning to let Chandler Aviation take a look. They couldn’t obtain a spare from Mooney (I had discussed with them yesterday) but investigated and cleaned the offending switch. After this everything worked OK, but I will keep a close eye on this.

Prescott is an attractive town and I would have liked to have stayed longer. Had lunch with Roger and caught up with each other’s lives over the last twenty years or so. All too short a visit, but I am keen to get moving properly again, after the delays in Honolulu.

The switch problem had been rectified quickly but it was 108 degrees outside – the refueller told me they had measured 154 degrees on the hot tarmac – and I did not immediately feel like sitting down and planning the next leg so booked into a hotel for the night.

The flight down to Phoenix was over the mountains and high desert of Arizona, and was initially at 11,000 feet in order to keep clear of the mountains. Prescott itself is at an altitude of over 5000 feet. Some re-routing by Air Traffic Control added to the mileage but they took me directly over Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport and I managed to take a quick couple of photographs.

Flight Data: 123 nautical miles in about 55 minutes.