Merced (California) to Prescott (Arizona)


The extra fuel tank fitted in Hawaii was removed in California yesterday, and Romeo Tango was returned to its standard setup.

Had a late start today, so decided to have a relatively short flight to Prescott, Arizona. Good visibility all the way across the desert region and Sierras of California. Because of the terrain, the minimum height to fly was 11,000 feet, which provided some good views, and the route took me just south of Edwards Air Force Base in the Mojave desert.

I last flew into Prescott more than 20 years ago, when I visited Arizona several times on business. Most of the visits lasted about a week, and I would manage to hire a plane for a day before returning home to the UK. Prescott airport is much enlarged since those days, and now has parallel runways.

Unfortunately had a technical snag with Romeo Tango's vacuum system (which is needed for the Artificial Horizon and autopilot) so I will probably be here for a couple of nights while that is attended to. Made a phone call and met up with Roger, a business colleague from 20 years ago who now lives in the area.

Flight Data: 498 nautical miles in 3 hours 30 minutes.