Two Days in Adelaide


I had originally scheduled only one night in Adelaide but we had decided to make it two, and had made arrangements to then fly on to Scone where Steve had friends Grahame and Cynthia, originally from London. Cynthia is a teacher and has a class of 7 year-olds who had been keeping track of our progress as part of a study of transport. We had received several emails from these children and we were looking forward to meeting them just as they were looking forward to meeting us.

Adelaide gave us a chance to purchase some more charts for the next legs, and we spent some time at Parafield airfield carrying out a general tidy up of Romeo Tango. In general, access to “airside” at airfields can be difficult these days because of security etc. We discovered that there was a good train service from the station right next to the hotel, and it took only twenty minutes or so to reach Parafield, where we then had a 10-15 minute walk. But this saved us several taxi fares and gave us a chance to compare transport systems here with UK.

Friday was the day planned for the Scone flight but the forecast on Thursday didn’t look promising. There was high ground between Adelaide and Scone which meant that we would be flying at 7000 feet on the airway. The forecast was for the freezing level to be around 5000 feet for part of the way with even a forecast of snow above 4000 feet although this would be to the south of our track. We didn’t want to disappoint the children but safety comes first and I’ve always wanted to be an old pilot rather than a bold pilot. So the decision was made to delay for a day, and we advised Grahame and Cynthia accordingly.

The time in Adelaide just disappeared, particularly as we kept checking the met forecast to determine if Scone was a possibility or not. The hotel was very comfortable and reasonable, taking into account all the facilities which it offered. We explored with what little time was available, and had a novel experience in a restaurant where we had to pay before being served the meal. That evening the rain was pretty steady and it looked as though we had made the right decision. We didn’t see Adelaide at its best, but were certainly impressed with what we saw – plenty of good eating places, shops and open parks, and also a convention centre.